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Body Transformation of man

Rather than type up a blog this month, my blog article for this month addresses Body Transformation in the form of a four page guide that you can download below. This way it will be easier to read my thoughts by printing it out and making notes if you like. This is the first of…(Read More)

A runner with a stitch. Place your fingers on the area affected and press or stop altogether

Why do I get a stitch? When putting a client through his paces recently, in this extremely cold weather we’ve been having, he experienced a stitch. A stitch! Yes a stitch. I thought these things only happened in the 1980’s, when we were young and out running at a good pace? I’ve…(Read More)

Doing a workout at home - some boxing, swiss ball, press-ups, sit-ups, weight training

So with Blue Monday upon us (supposedly the most depressing day of the year), there is no better time to benchmark your current health and fitness goals for 2017. You may be thinking we are only 16 days into the New Year, why would I assess my health and fitness goals now? Well there is…(Read More)

Training in Autumn is beautiful and there is still plenty of light

As another British summer draws to a close, you may be thinking your training goals and plans for Autumn 2016 need a little tweaking? Autumn 2016 officially starts on Thursday 22nd September. With it still remaining light after 6pm, you should expect to achieve many of the things you did during the summer. Equally, as…(Read More)

So you want to be an Olympic athlete?

Over the years I had become quiet fond of my beer gut. I accepted and decided it would never change. My decision to go for it and see if I could achieve a six-pack was for many reasons but not for reasons of vanity. Firstly, what a challenge and why not. It will be…(Read More)

Perfecting your bicep curls for stronger arm muscles

Getting rid of my flabby tummy and having some ‘pecks’ that I could be proud of were my number one priorities. This is when I turned to resistance training. In short, resistance training looks to overload or put pressure on the muscle you are exercising. Effectively making it much harder to exercise our muscles. Where…(Read More)

New Year's Resolution

New Year Resolutions do work! I know longer smoke. I no longer drink to excess. I watch what I eat too. That said it is not just about January 1st when we should decide to make lifestyle changes. This is where many of us do find it difficult, how to approach it and how to…(Read More)

Horses racing at Ascot. Did you know Humans can run round the Ascot track too?

Ascot racecourse maybe known for its horse racing but it offers the perfect place to help keep you fit. It’s free to use, its 1.5 mile inside ‘track’ is perfect for walking, power walking, running, cycling, walking the dog and evening pushing the pram. Open from dusk till dawn, you can use the…(Read More)

Completing RideLondon after five hours in the saddle

The Tour De France is the greatest cycling event in the world. Such a shame it is over for another year. Bring on 2015. Cycling has grown in popularity in the UK over the past few years with cycle lanes, Boris bikes and local cycling events all playing their part. To have the first three…(Read More)