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A runner with a stitch. Place your fingers on the area affected and press or stop altogether

Why do I get a stitch? When putting a client through his paces recently, in this extremely cold weather we’ve been having, he experienced a stitch. A stitch! Yes a stitch. I thought these things only happened in the 1980’s, when we were young and out running at a good pace? I’ve…(Read More)

Doing a workout at home - some boxing, swiss ball, press-ups, sit-ups, weight training

So with Blue Monday upon us (supposedly the most depressing day of the year), there is no better time to benchmark your current health and fitness goals for 2017. You may be thinking we are only 16 days into the New Year, why would I assess my health and fitness goals now? Well there is…(Read More)

Eat less sugar. Diabetes can kill and is now a leading global disease

Watching the extraordinary documentary ‘Fixing Dad’ that follows a family of three – dad and his two sons, demonstrated how great team work and the right mental attitude paid off. The programme centres on two sons, both filmmakers, putting a plan together to help their dad control his diabetes amongst other things. Their dad went…(Read More)

Pain killers help but always consult your doctor first

Injuries sadly play a part in our pursuit to become fitter and healthier. It seems so unfair when we try to become fitter and lead a healthier lifestyle, we become injured through no fault of our own. Many injuries however can come down to not warming up, a lack of stretching, poor form or simply…(Read More)

Enter an event and run with a friend

It’s cold, raining and you are just completely exhausted so you decide to give the exercise a miss again. Sound familiar? No time, no money, no motivation are other excuses I used to make. Anything to get out of doing some exercise. So how did I turn it around and stop making excuses? Here…(Read More)

Quit smoking | Contributes to cancer, strokes and other diseases

Giving up smoking for good I am now into my thirteenth year of not having smoked a cigarette and have not looked back. So how did I do it? My secret was I came up with a plan. After numerous failed attempts and reading about supposed miracle cures, I decided when my last cigarette would…(Read More)

Exercising with cancer

Living but exercising with cancer Below is a blog written by Melanie Bowen, a master’s student with an exercise passion that stems from her grandmother’s cancer diagnosis. She often highlights the great benefits of alternative nutritional, emotional and physical treatments on those diagnosed with cancer or other serious illness.  To read more please…(Read More)