Resistance Training

Self-defence is not as hardcore as it may sound or seem. Kicking high or punching hard does takes a lot of effort but is a great way to stay fit too.

The self-defence techniques we teach are primarily designed to help you become fitter and more flexible.

The style we teach is based on Wu Shu Kwan, Chinese Boxing principles I have practiced since 1997, when I first took up the sport.

We teach the important of keeping your guard up, how to block a punch or kick and getting out of a tricky situation. The workouts are great fun and designed to challenge you.

If you are looking to become a Mixed Martial Artist (MMA), we would advise you to find a MMA class local to where you live.

Cross training will help you improve your self-defence techniques. We are advocates of mixing things up and becoming an expert across multiple sports.

Conditioning all your major muscle groups by practicing lots of different exercises will help keep you mind focused and help you decide which activities you like the most.

Resistance Training

Sometimes referred to as musculoskeletal exercise; resistance training helps strengthen our muscles. Making them stronger and more powerful.

Cardio or Aerobic exercise on the other hand that helps increase the heart's rate and promotes oxygen intake, pumps blood to our major muscle groups, providing them with the fuel they need to exercise.

Resistance training uses fat as a fuel

Resistance training is different in so far as it aims to overload the muscle, forcing it to work harder. Under this strain, the body is intelligent enough to recruit more muscle fibres to help it perform the task.

Press-ups (chest), squats (quadriceps), bicep curls (bicep) and the dead lift (hamstrings and glutes) are good examples of resistance training or musculoskeletal exercises.

We teach all types of muscle exercises, starting with body weight resistance exercises (calisthenics) before moving on to free weights (dumb bell) and using a fixed weight machine (seated row).

Combining cardio exercise with resistance training will do you a power of good too. Research suggests you will burn twice the amount of fat if you combine these two forms of exercise.