Personal training voucher - an ideal gift for a wedding or birthday

The true cost of employing a personal fitness trainer

The cost of employing a personal trainer cannot be overstated. It can cost some people a lot of money with no return. You will see no change in your weight, body fat and possibly how you feel. A bit like paying £80 premium gym membership a month and not going for three months!

On the other hand it could be a great investment whether you have paid for it yourself or someone has bought you a personal training gift voucher to help you on your way.

Working hard during each session, topping up your training in your free time and following all the advice you are given on healthy eating will reap its rewards. If you achieve your health and fitness goals and can genuinely say you feel so much better for it, the money you have paid becomes irrelevant.

Value for money

A personal trainer may offer a lot of services. From weight training through to nutrition and weight management. They may even go shopping with you, saving you money in the process and only selecting the very best in balanced and nutritional meals.

If a PT does not offer you the basics – help in getting fitter, muscle strengthening and dietary advice, make sure you find a personal trainer who can offer you the services that will help you achieve your goals.

Swimming, cycling, biceps curls, the plank and introducing you to a food diary cannot be overstated enough. The complete health and fitness workout if you like. Expect nothing less.

Employing a PT is expensive

A personal trainer in Bracknell, Ascot, Windsor and Slough can charge as much as £50 an hour. Whilst some trainers will visit you in the comfort of your home, £50 is still £50. This is why it is so important you do your research beforehand to understand what you will get in return.

It goes both ways too. If you practiced last week’s programme card, ate healthily all week and your PT turns up on time, is always professional, organised and focusses on progression, then employing a PT will have been a resounding success.

Some PTs have clear pricing plans to help you manage your costs too. Some may offer a PAYE plan, where you pay a premium for each individual lesson you book. This tends to help those whose diaries change from week to week and cannot commit to a regular slot.

However, to get really fit and focussed, buying a set of four, six or maybe twelve lessons has it benefits. PTs recognise as you are making a commitment, they charge less per session for purchasing lessons in bulk.

Personal training gift vouchers

A perfect gift. More and more PTs are offering gift vouchers so the clients aren’t always the ones paying for their lessons. Let everyone know that personal training gift vouchers is what you want and that should make things a little easier.

Exercise Gift Vouchers are a great gift to offer someone who wants to get fitter Gift vouchers for your birthday, wedding or another type of special occasion

Personal trainers offer a variety of gift vouchers. A great gift to offer especially if this is what you are asking for. Why should Homebase, M&S and Apple get the lions share of the gift voucher market?

It could be £50 towards a few lessons or paying for 12 lessons outright, as you work towards your wedding day, first half marathon or generally looking to become healthier and fitter.