Perfecting your bicep curls for stronger arm muscles

What is Resistance Training?

Getting rid of my flabby tummy and having some ‘pecks’ that I could be proud of were my number one priorities. This is when I turned to resistance training.

In short, resistance training looks to overload or put pressure on the muscle you are exercising. Effectively making it much harder to exercise our muscles. Where aerobic exercise targets the heart (cardiovascular system) and its ability to get oxygen quickly to the rest of the body, resistance training is all about strengthening the muscle and for some people making their muscles look bigger and more defined.

Being part of your overall fitness plan

As part of your fitness plan, Fitness Challenge will help you put together a suitable resistance training programme, teaching good technique and helping to compliment your aerobic fitness plan. Resistance training does not have to involve heavy gym equipment.

There are many exercises we can try and these can be adapted to ensure safe and enjoyable resistance training.

Your weight training workout

If you are short of time or do not belong to a gym, resistance training and weight training can be done in the home or down at the park. Anything from 15-40 minute workouts, Fitness Challenge can help design a resistance training programme around you and your needs.

Weight training helps fat loss

From sets to reps to rest, every part of our resistance training programme is designed to optimise your body’s ability to burn fat. The aims are simple. Burn fat, loss weight and build muscle so you can look like the next Andy Murray or Anthony Joshua or more importantly just become the new you!

Your resistance training workout

Fitness Challenge has helped many people with their resistance training throughout the area, from Bracknell to Ascot and from Windsor to Twyford.

We will explain everything you need to know – the difference between a set and a rep, how many sets to perform, which resistance exercises train which muscles and when to increase resistance or the number of repetitions. To learn more about resistance training and how it might help you, please get in touch.