Holiday with the wife | Beach ready body

Why am I so fat?

Toning up through weight training and having a quality diet

Living with obesity

It hurts. It takes over and the bullies target you. On a brighter note being obese can give you focus. This is why Fitness Challenge was created.

So how did I overcome my fatness, my barrel chest, my gut? I decided being fat was too easy. Getting fit and healthy was going to be my greatest challenge.

Eating rubbish food is easy

The negative thoughts never go away. The thought of exercise is painful. Feeling sick after eating fast food. The guilt was just awful.

On the other hand getting up early, going for a run, stretching, hitting the punch bag, swimming at lunchtime or preparing a vegetable stir fry made me feel great. It was much harder than the lifestyle I led at the time and I felt so much better for it.

So you have two health and fitness choices

Do easy = Eat rubbish, smoke, drink heavily, take no exercise, become obese, feel terrible, let the negativity take over or

Do hard = Eat healthily, exercise, push yourself physically, never give up, set targets, understand your body, calorie count, feel great, remain positive, lose weight

Which will you choose? The choice is yours.