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Will I fit into my wedding dress?

Dylans Wife in her wedding dress

My wedding dress – the biggest day of your life

Personally, I won’t ever have to worry about this. That said I still had to go up a size when I tried on my groom’s outfit! For the bride, your wedding day is the biggest day of your life. You’re marrying the love of your life and you will be the centre of attention. It is your day and no one else’s.

The challenge for some brides is ensuring that after all the dress fittings they can still fit into that dress. In some cases it is about fitting into that dress between fittings to make sure everything still fits.

So the questions that need answering are, how and what do you need to do to ensure you fit into that dress on your big day? Well, in many ways this is no different to some of the challenges I have faced – giving up smoking, watching what I eat, training hard for a black belt grading or running the London Marathon. I just had to do it. My continual unhappiness, negative outlook and lifestyle in general all had to change. The new me was about to be born.

Here are some of my top tips in guaranteeing that your wedding day is exactly how you imagine it to be.

Wedding dress tip 1

  • Imagine how you would feel if you could not fit into your wedding dress on your big day? It can’t happen, it won’t happen

Wedding dress tip 2

  • Think of all the reasons that may affect you fitting into that beautiful dress – the quality of your breakfast, lunch, dinner, amount of alcohol you are drinking, the snacks you consumed, the amount of exercise you have done and their intensity levels

Wedding dress tip 3

  • What are you prepared to change between now and your wedding day? Your lifestyle, your attitude, your diet, your attitude to exercise?

Wedding dress tip 4

  • Set some daily and weekly goals – become more active, go for walk at lunchtime, replace that takeaway with a healthy dish prepared by you

Wedding dress tip 5

  • Weigh yourself each week and ensure your body fat is not increasing and waist line has not got bigger. If your body fat increases, your diet needs changing. Set yourself a target weight for what you want to be on your wedding day. Seek advice if you are unsure what your perfect weight needs to be

Wedding dress tip 6

  • Never stop thinking of yourself in that dream dress; the dress you never thought you’d find, the dress that now occupies your wardrobe, the dress that cost a fortune, that dress your father will give you away in, the dress that will make your groom cry with tears of joy. Amazing!

Using a personal trainer has its advantages, finding a personal trainer who can empathise with your situation is somewhat harder to find.

Dylan Lees-Jones, owner of Fitness Challenge is a personal fitness trainer with a difference. He went through a 360-lifestyle change too, qualifying as a personal fitness trainer in 2012. Fitness Challenge will do all it can to help you achieve your wedding dress challenge sooner than you think.