A stop watch for your exercise routine

When is the best time to exercise?

Exercise timing is everything

There are 24 hours in a day. We spend approximately eight of them sleeping. Another eight are spent working. This leaves us with eight hours to do what we want. Time to relax? Time spent with the family? Time to exercise?

Our lifestyles have changed

With bills to pay and mouths to feed, many of us lead very busy lifestyles that can come at a cost. Our health. Sometimes our sanity too. The reality is making some basic lifestyle changes can help. Not only does this help us to find the time to exercise but also we become better at organising ourselves, more productive at work, are able to relax and spend quality time with the ones we love.

Managing our time better

I decided to look at my lifestyle and see how I was going to find the time to get fitter and shift a lot of unwanted weight.

I wanted to get into a ‘routine’ and looking at my current routine helped me identify with time I had and the time I did not have. I was really surprised to see how much spare time I had to do the things that never get done, like finding the time to get fit or head to the gym.

It was not meant to take over my life or make me become someone who had to lead their life by a new set of rules. It merely gave me some lifestyle options. I had to make some choices. More importantly there were no more excuses. I could now see that exercise was a possibility.

We must allow for some flexibility. There are times when I come back from work earlier than expected and play with my children first, before having an evening meal. I exercise after my evening meal, sometimes as late as 9pm, having given my stomach time to settle down.

Morning and evening workouts

I cannot speak for everyone but exercising in the morning really helped me start my day with renewed hope and enthusiasm. Our jobs can get on top of us even at the best of times. A change in focus and determination helps us to change our body language which people pick up on for the better. I cannot recommend a morning workout enough. Like my breakfast, it is one of the most important things I do before I head out of the door. Not every day I hasten to add. I consider my evenings too.

The commuting workouts

Commuting to work can be a workout in itself. Can you walk to work? Cycle to work? Run to work?

The Boris Bike has been a revelation for London commuters and the Brompton folding bike offers another option too, taking your bike on the train having cycled to the train station already.

If there are a showers at work, there can not be any excuses for trying out this type of workout?

Sleeping better in the evenings

After a stressful day at work, we can bring this stress back in to the environment where we are supposed to be able to relax, our home. If you can not fit in a morning exercise routine then try an evening one instead. This will help you unwind after a tough day and also help you sleep better. It takes getting use to but it works.

The last thing on your mind after a tough day is exercise. I tended to find the stress amplified after a bad day when I got home. Not anymore. Treat that evening routine as the way to overcome what has been a day to forget.

Must not forget lunch time

For those that can get out at lunchtime, try to accommodate a workout if you can. Lunchtime is about eating and fuelling for what might be a long afternoon ahead. Prepare accordingly. Go for a walk or pop down the gym. If money is an issue then power walking for 30 minutes is free.