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Eggs and bacon for breakfast

My past couple of blogs have highlighted the benefits of having a growth mindset and achieving calorie deficit. These two factors represent two crucial aspects of your body transformation journey and lay the foundation for success.  Aligned with these two factors, this blog examines our food in a bit more detail. Why and what…(Read More)

Body Transformation of man

Rather than type up a blog this month, my blog article for this month addresses Body Transformation in the form of a four page guide that you can download below. This way it will be easier to read my thoughts by printing it out and making notes if you like. This is the first of…(Read More)

Doing a workout at home - some boxing, swiss ball, press-ups, sit-ups, weight training

So with Blue Monday upon us (supposedly the most depressing day of the year), there is no better time to benchmark your current health and fitness goals for 2017. You may be thinking we are only 16 days into the New Year, why would I assess my health and fitness goals now? Well there is…(Read More)

Carbohydrate - your energy fuel. Pasta, rices, breads. But not too much when you're not exercising

The hardest one of them all As we approach 2017, I tend to focus my mind on what new challenges I want to take on and what new challenges my clients may want to consider for the New Year. It is not about setting new personal bests (PBs) or running a marathon. Marathons and six…(Read More)

Getting your diet right will help you lose a lot of fat

Perfecting your diet and fitness plans is a bit of a balancing act. It can be tricky to start with but once you have it nailed, you can become that lean, mean fighting machine. I have failed at so many plans, whether it be my diet or fitness plans. However, such setbacks have helped me…(Read More)

Holiday with the wife | Beach ready body

Living with obesity It hurts. It takes over and the bullies target you. On a brighter note being obese can give you focus. This is why Fitness Challenge was created. So how did I overcome my fatness, my barrel chest, my gut? I decided being fat was too easy. Getting fit and healthy was going…(Read More)

Food for Olympians

Great Britain’s golden summer put together a great article highlighting what some of our athletes eat. What we eat is so important (energy intake) knowing we can perform at the highest of levels (energy expenditure). I test myself a few times a week, cycling a particular route trying to achieve a new…(Read More)

My wife in her wedding dress | Fits perfectly

My wedding dress – the biggest day of your life Personally, I won’t ever have to worry about this. That said I still had to go up a size when I tried on my groom’s outfit! For the bride, your wedding day is the biggest day of your life. You’re marrying the love…(Read More)

Man and women at wedding. Man overweight in tight suit

I thought I’d write this post having watched a programme on the BBC iplayer that highlighted the truth about calories.  You may be thinking, I have heard it all before but this programme was different. It was storytelling at its very best. It kept it simple, was wonderfully entertaining especially with it setting some…(Read More)