Pain killers help but always consult your doctor first

Recovering from injury

Injuries sadly play a part in our pursuit to become fitter and healthier. It seems so unfair when we try to become fitter and lead a healthier lifestyle, we become injured through no fault of our own.

Many injuries however can come down to not warming up, a lack of stretching, poor form or simply trying too hard. Take your time is the best advice I can offer.

Hamstrings, back and achilles pains

I injured myself at the gym working my back muscles not so long ago. As a personal fitness trainer I knew I had to warm-up and take the exercise slowly, applying good form and technique.

Back exercises have never been my strongest too. This is why I was looking to strengthen these muscles and take things slowly.

I’ve had many injuries throughout my sporting career. Sore hamstrings, painful lower back or an excruciating achilles tendon injury. One thing I have learned is managing the injury, preventing it from getting worse and learning from it.

A MRI scan is worth it

A magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan picked up a minor strain (tendon injury) in my back that has been very painful but also incredibly difficult to manage effectively.

I paid for it privately as a three-month NHS waiting list seems so unfair and I wanted closure, ruling out anything more serious.

Gladly there is no need for surgery. Looking forward to my physio appointment on Wednesday morning, now we know the exact muscle that has been strained and knowing I stand a good chance of having a good nights sleep for the first time in three months.

Painkillers and icing the injury

Not a great fan of taking painkillers but they do help especially when you are in a lot of pain.

Whilst resting the injury, icing the injury and taking painkillers, you must seek professional advice if you feel there is no change to your symptoms.

Injuries are never good. Pain killers may help. Always consult your doctor

Depending on where the injury is, consider visiting a physiotherapist, osteopath or deep tissue sports masseur. If the injury is not improving after seeing one of them, consider seeing another type of healthcare professional. No harm in getting a second opinion to resolve your injury woes.

Your doctor can help with setting up such an appointment if you are not prepared to go private. They can prescribe the best type of painkiller to use too.

Always warm-up and stretch

Whilst injuries just happen, my top three tips on performing a new exercise would be

•    Watch a video about the exercise on Youtube

•    Take the exercise slowly to begin with

•    Stretch the muscle correctly after you have worked out, to prevent injury

•    Extra tip – ask a personal trainer for advise